Economy Class

The European passenger car park contains one hundred million cars of which the age is ten to fifteen years. These cars with a high mileage and low rest value between 2.500 and 3.500 euro, are mostly used for short distances, under the European average of 7.500 kilometers per year.

In case of maintenance or repairs, the costs are related to the value of the car. The customer doesn’t allow that these costs are too high. In contrast to this wish of the customer, the expectation is that a trustworthy repair is conducted, with honest original parts. With this in mind it makes perfect economic sense that NRF introduces an alternative range; “Economy Class”.

The NRF alternative Economy Class products are offered parallel to the corresponding NRF original and are provided with a separate part number, the original part number plus the “A” from “Alternative”. In TecDoc, Economy Class products are clearly recognizable by the already mentioned added ”A”, the product version “Alternative” and the commercial remark ”Economy Class”.


NRF Economy Class:

  • Alternative products to the corresponding NRF original parts
  • In line with the current vehicle value
  • Product range includes 67 alternative radiators


NRF Economy Class = Value for money