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NRF is looking for a new colleague!!
At NRF we love working as a team, learning from our colleagues wherever they are, being part of the development of capacities and talents of our employees.

With us, you will have the chance to work with people from all over Europe, part of many different departments. This will allow you to dive in a wide variety of projects that will bring you a fantastic understanding about the company. Neither the distance nor the language should ever be a problem!

We have a new challenge and we will need you to be creative and flexible, have an open mind, think out of the box and be able to capture everything clearly and concisely.
To reach that, you will have the support of the whole NRF team, we will help you grow and succeed by providing you with all the necessary tools to do so, and we want you to help us too!

The functions to be performed in the position:
• technical service;
• research and development of new products to improve as much as possible the process of their production;
• study of the operation of new products;
• incorporation of new projects and ideas for the improvement of the quality of the sensors;
• verification and warranty management of NRF products;
• validation and management of new products;
• quality control and product validation;
• knowledge in 3D printing will be valued, since it will be used in the future in this position;
• technical assistance by phone.

What you will bring:
• bachelor/Master’s degree with experience in Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, electromechanical engineering;
• professional training in electromechanics, automotive, electromotion, industrial robotics;
• high level of English;
• 3 years of experience in the automotive sector;
• ability to learn in new technologies, solve technical problems;
• ability to work in a team and organization;
• knowledge in Microsoft office and pc management.

Application or request for additional information
Please send your application or your request for additional information to Nuria Bonet Ontiveros, HR Responsibible:

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