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Quality management and certifications

NRF is actively adopting and developing a Quality Management System. It enables the organization to continuously improve the overall performance and focus on providing customers with products of consistent quality.

NRF’s policy with regard to quality, working conditions, safety and environmental aspects (QHSE) is aimed at:

  • Meeting the requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders;
  • Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Continuous improvement of the QHSE management system, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring a healthy working environment for all employees;
  • Tthe prevention of accidents, absenteeism and personal injury;
  • The prevention of environmental pollution, the prevention of waste of raw materials, the limitation of waste, preventing nuisance for residents;
  • Achieving the set targets in the areas of quality, safety, health and environment;
  • Compliance with the ISO9001, EN15085 and ISO14001 standards.


NRF is proud to be awarded ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.


ISO 9001:
This is the internationally accepted standard for quality management systems.


This is a family of standards related to environmental management


DVS certificate:
Welding of railway vehicles and components.