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NRF manufactures a broad range of truck cooling parts in- and outside of Europe as O.E. manufacturer and as supplier to the independent aftermarket. With 4 production facilities throughout Europe and 5 in Asia, NRF is a leader in development and production of engine cooling, interior cooling and interior heating parts.

EURO 6, the European emission standard, defines the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states. The emission standards are noted in a series of European Union directives, staging the progressive introduction of increasingly stringent standards.

To obtain the EURO 6 certificate for an engine, increasing the operating temperature of the engine is needed, to be able to further improve exhaust emissions. Taking the boiling point of coolant in consideration, increasing pressure in the cooling circuit is key. This development takes radiator manufacturing to a whole new level, since the EURO 6 operating pressure is of 4 bars, in contrast to 1,25 bars for Euro4 and Euro5.

NRF has successfully engineered and manufactured eight different radiators for the Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4: NRF#: 56067, 56068, 56069, 56070, 56071, 56072, 56073, 56138.

NRF Truck Radiators:
• In-house manufacturing
• State of the art raw material to ensure high quality end product
• Plastic tanks made of virgin material, not recycled
• High quality silicon gaskets
• 100% leak tested with Nolek automated leaktest equipment
• Heat transfer meets at least OE specifications
• Guaranteed by wind tunnel tests, from NRF test facility

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