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NRF Easy Fit range exceeds 1.000 references

A complete installation kit in one package, that’s the unique Easy Fit of NRF. When a product is Easy Fit, assembly parts (such as O-rings, adapters, clamps and clips) are included in the box. NRF has a unique range of more than 1.000 Easy Fit parts, which is expanding every month. Easy Fit products are recognizable by the Easy Fit logo.

With NRF Easy Fit the mechanic is ensured of an easy and quick installation, because all assembly parts are present in the box. Due to the quick installation it automatically saves time and money for the workshop.

Benefits of Easy Fit:

  • Assembly parts included
  • Easy & quick installation
  • Save time and money
  • Increase customer satisfaction!
  • Unique range of 1.000+ references

Click here for the total Easy Fit range product overview

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