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In order to provide the highest quality in all our products, NRF has developed a series of processes. Product validation is used when a new product is launched, a big part of this processes to make sure that the quality matches or bets the OE radiator. Key to part of this is making sure that radiator fits first time, every time. Checking that the cooling performance is higher than 95% from OE.

Validation and quality are also checked once the product is on sale, they are randomly subjected to different quality controls. Quality control is an inspection to which we study a product to determine if it meets the standards previously established by NRF and meets the high demands of use in the vehicle.

How are these processes carried out?

Each product is different and needs special tests based on your needs and application. A summary of the processes carried out for validation and  quality control in truck radiators is as follows:

1) Check the technical and 3D drawings (CAD):

2) Order the samples.

3) Check visual aspects (packaging, Easy Fit).

4) Comparison drawing with the sample.

5) Detailed measurement.

6) Check core, fins quality, quality of header tank, side plate…

7) 7. Check fitment to OE intercooler condenser/fan shroud/hoses/drain plugs/overflow tubes/temperature sensor/frames.

8) Leak test

9) Make a report to save in NRF data base.

In the products in order to understand their properties internally and improve them, we carry out some laboratory tests.

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