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The box cooler, invented by NRF in 1959, is an effective, environmentally-friendly device, which requires little maintenance. It cools better than other makes under all conditions and gives years of problem-free performance.


In addition, it is compact and easy to install. This is why countless shipyards, ship builders, ship brokers, repair yards, ship owners and private owners rely on box coolers from NRF. NRF responds to an ever changing market demand, by introducing two modified designs of the box cooler:


  • Build Under (also known as “Bottom Pull”)
    The widening of the application of box coolers, where increasingly larger box coolers are being used on an expanding range of ship types, brings up the need of an assembly form where in the cooler is not installed from within the engine room but from outside of the hull. The great advantage of this form of assembling is that the cooler no longer needs to be carried through the engine room and can be installed just for launching.


  • Integrated ICAF
    Due to the increasing pressure to reduce costs and to prevent possible installation errors, NRF has developed a range of box coolers in which the anti-fouling (ICAF) is integrated on the cooler, resulting in a rapid and efficient assembly. To keep the cooler dimensions within the standard range, NRF has chosen to retain the cable from the anode through the beam and the water box.