NRF compressors

NRF offers the largest compressor aftermarket range. All NRF compressors have passed extensive durability and performance tests. NRF compressors are filled with the correct double end capped PAG oil. All NRF compressors are new (no remanufactured).


Competitive range

NRF offers a wide range of more than 900 quality compressors for all vehicle brands and models. Within the range of compressors about 600 are Genuine OE references from (for example) Sanden, Denso and Delphi. Next to the OE compressors, NRF has a OE-equivalent range to serve the different Automotive aftermarket requirements. The range has a car park coverage of approximately 80% covering over 9.000 OE references.


Benefits of the NRF range

  • Available as OE and OE equivalent
  • An Installation manual (12 steps/8 languages) is supplied with each unit
  • Extensive warranty reporting within 2 weeks
  • Less then 3% warranty rate


The function of a compressor

A compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system. It pumps the refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. The compressor is mounted to the engine and mostly driven by the crankshaft with a belt. It is mostly switched on and off by an electromagnetic clutch. The compressor comes in different types: a piston compressor, as fixed or variable displacement type and rotary-vane and scroll compressor. Being a high technologic product it will suffer as first from lack of maintenance and bad repair.


Easy Fit

A complete installation kit in one package, that’s the unique Easy Fit of NRF. You are ensured of a correct and efficient installation, because all components are delivered in one package. With Easy Fit you have the benefits of an installation kit and the quality you expect from NRF. Easy Fit saves time and money and increases your customer satisfaction. Read more >>

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NRF Save 20 minutes

Product available for

  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery