Gaskets (Truck)

NRF gaskets

NRF offers a wide range of engine (head) gaskets for trucks, agricultural, off highway and construction machinery.


Competitive range

NRF manufactures a wide range of quality engine gaskets. Nearly 150 unique engine gaskets perfectly fit the main truck brands. It is NRF’s goal to cover 90% of each market segment and therefore constant product (range) developments are key to adopt the gaskets program to the demand in the market.


Benefits of the NRF range

  • In-house engineering, testing and manufacturing
  • Excellent quality and durability


The function of a gasket

In every engine, numerous gaskets have the task to close spaces between metal surfaces, with the aim to prevent leakage from cooling fluid, engine oil, compressed air or exhaust gasses. In most cases gaskets are constructed to close one canal in the engine. The head gasket is the exception and has to deal with cooling fluid, engine oil and exhaust gasses all at the same time.


The requirements for cylinder head gaskets are more complex, since they have to resist various substances, high temperatures and high pressures. NRF gaskets are of excellent quality and durability.


Product available for

  • Trucks
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Off highway
  • Construction machinery