NRF heaters

All NRF heaters are designed, manufactured and tested according to high requirements. To ensure a quick and proper installation, NRF heaters fit smoothly into the HVAC-unit. If necessary, NRF heaters are equipped with additional connection tubes and extra foam rubber (Easy Fit). All NRF heaters are Helium leak tested during the production. The chosen materials for the core and tanks are of highest, virgin quality to assure a long life.


Competitive range

The product range covers more than 250 references covering over 800 OE references.


Benefits of the NRF range

  • “Drop in fit” in HVAC unit for easy installation
  • Designed to meet high specifications, using high grade (virgin) plastic
  • Available as Easy Fit (including fitting material)


The function of a heater

The heater is an important part of the Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) system which warms up the interior of the vehicle. The heater core is like a small radiator that acts as a heat exchanger. Hot coolant from the engine block passes through the heater, warming up the intake air blown on its surface by the interior blower. The air gets warmer and can be forwarded into the car cabin. The heater is mostly located behind/underneath the dashboard.


Easy Fit

A complete installation kit in one package, that’s the unique Easy Fit of NRF. You are ensured of a correct and efficient installation, because all components are delivered in one package. With Easy Fit you have the benefits of an installation kit and the quality you expect from NRF. Easy Fit saves time and money and increases your customer satisfaction. Read more >>

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Product available for

  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks