Pressure switches

NRF pressure switches

All NRF switches and sensors are manufactured to meet or exceed high requirements.


Competitive range

At this moment the product range exists of approximately 50 switches and sensors, covering over 250 OE references.


The function of pressure switches

The function of pressure switches and sensors is to control the air-conditioning system pressure and to protect the compressor. Pressure switches are used on non-integrated systems and exist as binary (Low/High) or trinary (Low/Mid/High) versions. They are not only used as a low pressure (LP) or high pressure (HP) control device but also as a protective device.


In modern, integrated systems you will find pressure sensors, which in fact have the same function as the pressure switch (control- and protective devise), but are communicating with the engine control unit (ECU) by sending either analogue voltage signals or digital PWM signals.


Easy Fit

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