NRF radiators  

NRF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality radiators. NRF radiators are known for their excellent performance, high cooling capacity and durability.


Competitive range

NRF has a wide range of quality radiators. Over 2.200 unique radiators perfectly fit popular passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks and agriculture and earth moving equipment. It is NRF’s goal to cover 90% of each market segment and therefore constant development of new products are key to adopt the radiator program to the demand in the market.


Benefits of the NRF range

  • High quality heat transfer
  • In-house engineering and manufacturing
  • Fastmovers available as Easy Fit (including fitting material)


The function of a radiator

The radiator is an essential part in an engine cooling system. When the engine is in use, it produces a lot of friction and heat. A radiator is responsible for preventing the vehicle engine from overheating. The radiator is connected to the engine with channels through which a liquid (engine coolant) is pumped. The circulating coolant receives the combustion heat and has to cool down by the radiator. The radiator has a series of thin channels where the coolant flows through. By a continuous air flow the coolant is cooled down. This results in a constant engine temperature and prevents the engine from overheating. The radiator is placed in the front of the vehicle, often attached to other heat exchangers, such as the intercooler or condenser.


Whether it concerns complete brazed or mechanical radiators, flat fin cores or serpentine cores, customers can always rely on high quality products engineered and manufactured by NRF.


Easy Fit

A complete installation kit in one package, that’s the unique Easy Fit of NRF. You are ensured of a correct and efficient installation, because all components are delivered in one package. With Easy Fit you have the benefits of an installation kit and the quality you expect from NRF. Easy Fit saves time and money and increases your customer satisfaction. Read more >>

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Economy Class

The European passenger car parc contains one hundred million cars of which the age is ten to fifteen years. Especially for these vehicles NRF developed an Economy Class product range. This product range is in line with the value of the vehicle. Economy Class products are offered parallel to the corresponding NRF original part and are provided with a separate part number. It’s the original part number with “A” (alternative) addition. Read more >>


Product available for

  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Forklifts
  • Construction machinery