Remanufacturing service

Reman/Recore service

By periodic maintenance of many stationary- and mobile applications, like gensets and locomotives, is investigating the state of the heat exchangers necessary or even  captured in the maintenance plan. By offering the reman/recore service from production plant in Mill, Netherlands, NRF further expands its service. What is including in this service package:


Cleaning and testing

  • cleaning of heat exchangers, from basic cleaning till alkaline cleaning
  • pressure testing
  • small repairs


Reman/Recore (replacement of the cooling core)

  • necessary with larger defects or leakages
  • complete cooler core replacement
  • perfect fit because of in-house production
  • large range of cooling systems for water, oil and air coolers
  • welding done according NEN/DIN EN 15085-2


Advantage for you as a customer:

  • fast availability of a fully functional cooler in perfect shape
  • 12 months guaranteed
  • large price advantage because of re-use of the existing tanks
  • environment friendly recycling process