NRF is a leading supplier
of automotive aftermarket parts
and industrial cooling solutions

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Since 1927, NRF has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling products for the automotive aftermarket. NRF offers a range of more than 11.000 engine cooling and climate control parts. Our range is constantly being expanded, even beyond cooling. At NRF we know all our product inside out. In our large development and testing facilities, we continuously ensure our high quality. And if there are any questions during the installation of our parts, you can always contact our TECHsupport specialists in your own language.

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NRF is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling solutions for the marine industry. NRF is the inventor of the globally recognized box cooler. It’s a highly effective and environmentally friendly cooling unit that requires little maintenance. NRF box coolers guarantee years of reliability and problem-free performance. NRF supplies their cooling solutions all over the world. And if you need maintenance or repairs, NRF has the best licensed service partners.


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NRF has been successfully developing and producing first class cooling solutions for the rail industry for many years. Our offer includes traditional copper-brass and aluminium coolers. NRF even manufactures powerful and lightweight tram refrigeration units. In our own production facilities we produce proven technologies and future-oriented innovations for local and international rail traffic. In addition to manufacturing completely new products, NRF also offers a remanufacturing service. NRF manufacturing processes comply to quality norms ISO 9001 and welding standard 15085.



Regular inspections and proper maintenance of the cooler are crucial. Thanks to these measures, it can be determined whether a cooling component needs to be repaired or rebuilt at any given time. NRF further extends its services by offering customers the repair service. NRF offers its clients the option of recoring their oil coolers, charge air coolers and water coolers. You send us your old radiator and we deliver it back in mint condition, ready for more years of use.



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NRF is a renowned supplier of cooling components for OEM and Industrial applications. The large variety of heat transfer solutions, multiple fin systems and high quality in Copper and Aluminium ensures that NRF cores are well perceived worldwide. Perfectly fitted for your agricultural, construction and general cooling needs.

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NRF Techsupport
NRF offers a TECHsupport service for technical questions, diagnosis and advise. TECHsupport can be reached by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp.
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