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NRF is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling solutions for the marine industry. NRF is the inventor of the globally recognized box cooler. It’s a highly effective and environmentally friendly cooling unit that requires little maintenance. NRF box coolers guarantee years of reliability and problem-free performance. NRF supplies their cooling solutions all over the world. And if you need maintenance or repairs, NRF has the best licensed service partners.



Box coolers

The box cooler, invented by NRF in 1959, is simple, environmentally-friendly device, which requires little maintenance. It cools better than other makes under all conditions and gives years of problem-free performance.

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Solutions tailored to your vessel

We can adapt to your vessel with our different options. You can choose the mounting and installation that best adapt to your needs, and we can tailor it to the dimensions and requirements of your vessel.

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Find and repair your NRF box cooler around the world

Check out our to get access to your new box cooler around the globe  to get your NRF box cooler repaired by certified servicing partners.