Box cooler (top build)

Empowering performance

Box cooler (top build)

You can find an NRF box cooler for your vessel ranging from 5m to 200m, ocean going: Commercial, offshore, dredging, tug & salvage, or fishing. Also find for your inland waterway vessels: Commercial (container, dry cargo, tankers etc.), cruise or harbor tug. With power ranges from 10kW to 2500kW.

Standard top-down box cooler
The top-down design is the original based on the installation from the inside of the engine room. It is mounted downwards through the top deck into the sea chest. NRF offers a coated version (for sea water application) and bare versions (for river going or inland application).

For seagoing use, NRF can complete this box cooler with an ICAF (impressed current anti fouling) system. This anti fouling system prevents fouling in between the docking periods.