NRF condensers

NRF offers a wide range of high quality condensers. NRF condensers are known for their excellent performance and durability.


Competitive range

With a condenser product range of almost 800 condensers, NRF is covering over 3.700 OE references. This results in a car park coverage of almost 90%. To assure 100% performance, the systems, like PF (Parallel Flow), serpentine or tube & fin are used. NRF condensers are produced by QS-9000 or ISO 9002 certification.


Benefits of the NRF range

  • Easy installation
  • 85 % of condensers with receiver drier
  • 100% helium leak-tested
  • Fastmovers available as Easy Fit (including fitting material)


The function of a condenser

The condenser functions as a heat exchanger for the air conditioning system. The condenser is placed at the front of the car and is typically attached to other heat exchangers in the engine compartment like engine cooling radiator or intercooler. The role of the condenser is to ensure that the state of the refrigerant changes from gaseous to liquid form. The change of state is called the condensation process where the refrigerant heat is extracted and exchanged with the ambient air.


Easy Fit

A complete installation kit in one package, that’s the unique Easy Fit of NRF. You are ensured of a correct and efficient installation, because all components are delivered in one package. With Easy Fit you have the benefits of an installation kit and the quality you expect from NRF. Easy Fit saves time and money and increases your customer satisfaction. Read more >>

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Product available for

  • Passenger cars
  • Trucks
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery