Interior blowers

Empowering performance

Interior blowers

All NRF interior blowers are perfectly balanced to provide maximum comfort. The part plays an important role in the climate control of a vehicle.

Competitive range
The NRF interior blower range contains 450 references covering over 1.500 OE references and 77% of the European car parc. NRF supplies blower motor resistors separately.

The function of an interior blower
The interior blower pushes ambient air over the outside of the evaporator (to cool down) or the heater (to heat up). In this way cold or hot air is circulated inside the vehicle. The interior blower is usually located underneath the dashboard. A properly functioning interior blower helps to ensure safety when defrosting and/or demisting the windows. It also prevents the evaporator from freezing.

Product availability
  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses

Easy Fit
When a NRF interior blower is Easy Fit, new wiring is supplied in the product packaging. Easy Fit provides a great advantage for the workshop, because it ensures an easy and quick installation of the NRF part. With Easy Fit you save time and money, which results in higher customer satisfaction.