Receiver driers

Empowering performance

Receiver driers

Receiver driers are critical to the long-term operation of the vehicle’s air conditioning system. NRF offers a large range of separate receiver driers. All of our receiver driers have been tested for helium leaks and are packaged sealed.

Competitive range
The NRF receiver drier range contains 300 references covering over 1550 OE references and 82% of European car parc. More than 50% of the range is Easy Fit.

The function a receiver drier
The receiver drier is located between the condenser and the expansion valve. It captures moisture and dirt from the refrigerant and keeps the system in good condition. It dries the refrigerant, as moisture in the system has a bad effect on the compressor oil and the operation of the components, it filters polluting particles and stores liquid refrigerant. Besides that function, it is also a reservoir of refrigerant and oil. In some systems it is built into the condenser, while in others it is a separate unit. More than 50% of NRF condensers are already equipped with a built-in receiver drier.

Product availability
  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery

Easy Fit

When NRF parts are Easy Fit, all necessary assembly parts (such as O-rings) are delivered in the product packaging. Easy Fit provides a great advantage for the workshop, because it ensures an easy and quick installation of the NRF part. With Easy Fit you save time and money, which results in higher customer satisfaction.