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Product Tooling

NRF offers a range of maintenance equipment and diagnostic devices. The range includes an A/C diagnostic sight glass and an Ozone maker.

A/C Diagnostic Sight Glass
The NRF A/C diagnostic sight glass is the ideal tool for diagnosing problems in an air conditioning system. It enables a visual inspection of the condition and flow of the refrigerant and can also give an excellent indicator of any problems. With this sight glass you can easily discover impurities, such as humidity, presence of leak stop, gas and dirty lubricant. The NRF reference number of these toolkits are 38807 (for R134a) and 38809 (for R1234yf).

Ozone Maker
The NRF Ozone Maker is designed to meet the growing demand for non-chemical methods to clean car air conditioning systems. The entire process takes a maximum of 30 minutes. After using the NRF Ozone Maker, you can enjoy a clean and fresh air conditioning system once again. The NRF reference number of this machine is 38808. NRF also offers a replacement cartridge for this device, NRF number 38810).