Empowering performance


NRF offers a wide range of single thermostats and thermostats including housing. The entire range is validated with the original part and tested on performance. Therefore, NRF thermostats are a perfect choice for a high quality aftermarket part.

Competitive range
The NRF thermostat range contains 300 references covering 3.000 OE references and close to 70% of European car parc.

The function of a thermostat
It’s a small part with a great importance. The thermostat manages the coolant flow through the radiator. When the engine is started and cold, the thermostat is fully closed. Engine coolant does not go through the radiator at all. Along with the temperature rise of the engine, the thermostat starts to open. When the optimal temperature is reached, the thermostat is fully open. This results in a maximum radiator flow. When the system temperature drops again, the thermostat closes and so on.

Products available for
  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Trucks

Easy Fit
All fast movers are Easy Fit, because they are supplied with a new gasket. Easy Fit provides a great advantage for the workshop, because it ensures an easy and quick installation of the NRF part. With Easy Fit you save time and money, which results in higher customer satisfaction.